Corporate Blogging is Climbing the Hype-Cycle Slope

Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Social Software, 2009 raised a fuss in the media because it showed microblogging as crossing the peak of inflated expectations.  Lots of people don’t understand the hype cycle and took this as a Bad And Wrong Sign… and then microblogged about this on Twitter!

In the light of our experimental blogs initiative it’s interesting to see that Corporate Blogging is starting to climb the hype-cycle “slope of enlightenment”, and that Gartner predicts:

  • Benefit = Moderate
  • When = Within 2 Years
  • Penetration = 20–50%
  • Maturity = Early mainstream

What are the benefits of corporates/enterprise blogging about themselves.  Gartner offers this summary:

  • Corporate blogging can be invaluable in enabling an organisation to reach the broad public and opinion makers, and in enabling management and employees to communicate regarding internal corporate initiatives. Additional impact will be in competitive intelligence, customer support and recruiting.

…and embedded here are the two domain modes of blogging:

  • public = external
  • private = internal

…and it will clearly take some time to make the necessary behavioural distinctions for our bloggers about which content and opinions are best suited to each of those two domain modes.

Also, and just as we have seen with the wiki and with Yammer, there will very likely be a mixed uptake of the blogging service, with the usual (90%, 9%, 1%) (lurkers, sometimes-contributors, always-contributors).

It will be interested to see what comes of this blogging experiment, because there is certainly a hunger for more information and more collaboration and more openness, as equally there are great new business models around blogging (e.g., the MIT Admissions Blog) and increasing levels of comfort from our internal people and expectation from our external community that we will participate in this new social media.


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