Oracle OpenWorld: Carbon, Connectedness, and Meatspace

Hundreds of people currently attending Oracle OpenWorld are using Twitter to keep their followers up to date with the presentations and discussions happening up there right now in San Francisco. Lots of these people are using the tag “#oow09” for their OpenWorld-related Tweets, and a near-real-time feed of recently Tweets tagged that way can be seen by visiting: The carbon, financial, and opportunity costs involved in sending people to an event such as OpenWorld are not insignificant, and having this feedback to the home community is extremely valuable — and whether it’s done with Twitter or Yammer or the wiki or blogging or YouTube or a daily email to colleagues is irrevelant: it’s the connectedness that matters most here, and the deterritorialising powers of social media make, in my view, this style of reflective and streaming participation more or less compulsory in this new age of always-on ambient intimacy. Two of the people i’m especially enjoying on Twitter from OpenWorld include:

…and here’s a fantastic mapper showing trending #oow09 Tweets from around the World: — predictably, the centre is San Franciso!


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