Social Media Governance and Policies

Immediately we raise the possibility of having an open blog service we start having to consider the governance and social-media policy aspects of doing this kind of thing, though a reasonable perspective is that it’s merely a new channel for doing the same old stuff, so it’s one that maybe doesn’t require a whole new lot of governance and a whole new lot of policy — though that’s not to say users don’t have to be aware of some differences between blogging, emailing, being interviewed by a newspaper, and appearing on Radio New Zealand National.

A colleage at La Trobe University recently posted a link via Twitter to this great resource containing about eighty social-media governance documents from real organisations:

…and there’s (evidently) a book coming from those people too.

Another instalment in the social-media-policy-examples domain that came through on Twitter recently is a pointer to this Mashable article:

…which offers up these three examples:

  • Kodak for transparency
  • Intel for moderation
  • IBM for social media value

Elsewhere, there is information available from existing policies such as:

We’ve started looking at social media governance policies, and it’s certain that some aspects of this will be challenging — but once they’re resolved and we look to the experiences of other institutions that have embraced blogging and other styles of conversation with The Collective (in this, i’m thinking of Monash, MIT, Pittsburgh State, and loads of other universities) we’ll be very much the richer for the engagement.


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