CloudU Encourages Common Basic Understanding

There’s a lot to like about the CloudU initiative curated by Ben Kepes and sponsored by Rackspace.

Increasingly, use of the C-word generates cringes because there is a still-developing perfect storm of confusion, hype, and fear around The Cloud:

  • cloud solves all our problems
  • cloud is a security nightmare
  • cloud is anything off-premise
  • cloud gives all your stuff to the government
  • cloud is mature and ready for anything
  • cloud is anything virtualised
  • cloud is anything in the bucket of things i don’t understand
  • cloud integration is easy, reliable, and standards-based

…and the CloudU initiative goes a long way towards establishing a good basic scratch-the-surface level of common understanding. There’s a good case here for every person who uses the word “cloud” needing mandatory CloudU certification.

Some of the quiz items are either generic-technology (e.g., “What is the purpose of a load balancer?”) or have a standout bad answer (e.g., “Which is not a popular type of cloud service pattern: public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or big-fluffy-cloud-in-the-sky) and there’s a some repetition across the modules around topics like API, but they do serve their purpose.

Beyond the quiz items, the reference/study guides and the textbooks are well-written and cover sensibly-chosen topic areas, providing a balanced view of the pros and cons of choosing cloud deployments.

Those wanting to take the next step might work through the NIST Cloud Computing Defition before heading into the industry analysts (e.g., Diversity, ZapThink, Gartner) and the vendor whitepapers and the academic-leaning treatments of cloud computing.

Meanwhile, i enjoyed the CloudU experience greatly, and am pleased to display my certificate badge here!


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